Landscape Lighting

From copper to solid brass to aluminum, ELC can design and build a custom lightscape to illuminate and accent any property. It is amazing how elegant you can make a space look by placing the right landscape lighting in the right place.

backyard patio night time landscape lighting

backyard night time landscape lighting on patio

elegant landscape lighting for front entrance of home

front view of landscape lighting on entire home

romantic Pergola at night on back stone patio all lit up

walkway lit up at night with landscape lighting

night lights under pergola

These are just a few samples of the kind of work that you could have done to transform the way your backyard, front yard or walkways would look like.   Don’t these spaces look a lot more romantic and relaxing when given the right light?

The low voltage landscape lighting used to accent your home operates at a very low cost and can be set on a timer so that the space is lit up and turned off automatically without you even thinking about it.

Accent lighting has a great return on investment.