Our Design Philosophy

ultimate goal of Ehrmentraut Landscaping

The ultimate goal of any of our designs is to meet or exceed our clients expectations.

Most designs begin  with the identification of the architectural style of a clients home. Whether it’s an Arts and Craft style, Bungalow or an early Victorian Farmhouse, the style has a direct bearing on the landscape . With today’s trend of mixing styles, a prominent detail on the house can help determine  how to proceed. In short, the home and surrounding landscape should complement or “Speak” to one another.

The selection of plant material and how it’s arranged will reinforce a particular style. A boxwood hedge will complement a formal looking home. While an occasional boxwood in a perennial bed will create more of a cottage garden/ informal feel.

Hardscape selection and layout has an even greater effect on the style. Slightly irregular brick can look very informal/country while perfect brick in a herringbone pattern may give a much more formal look.

Reflecting a clients personal flare and taste along with incorporating their favorite plants makes a design become their own.

A final note of importance is garden maintenance. The level of care a garden needs in the future is a direct result of careful thought during the design phase.