Patios & Terraces – Remodel, Renovation, Repair, Replacement or New Installation

Are you ready to replace an old patio?

You have many choices these days besides gravel, flagstone, concrete and brick.  There are a number of companies that manufacture long lasting high quality patio pavers.  These manufactured products offer you a huge range of styles, colors and looks.

When you are trying to decide what type of patio you want installed (which colors, type of material, size and layout) be sure to consider the architectural style of your home.   Picture how the style and color of your patio are going to match with your existing architecture, style, siding color and other surroundings.

That is one area where a professional with lots of experience can really help.  We would be happy to help you find the right match and the right look for your style of home as we have done for other clients.

“Our old patio was basically unusable space. Jon took an eyesore and created something beautiful and practical. He listened to our ideas and created a patio that was perfect for our family. He focuses on all the small details and wasn’t satisfied until our patio was absolutely perfect.”

-Ellen Tillson

front patio walkway and steps

raised patio in backyard

backyard summer patio

lakeside patio

beautifully landscaped backyard patio

new brick patio in Scottsville NY

contemporary backyard stone patio Pittsford NY


country landscape patio with pergola

formal gravel patio - Piffard NY

Patios are really an extension of indoor living space.  They give you the feel of a cozy living room that can be enjoyed in our beautiful Rochester summer weather.  They make great entertaining spaces as well as comfy places to relax with a little privacy.

You may have heard of patios referred to as “hardscape”.  When designers talk about a “hardscape” they are usually referring to walkways, patios, terraces and steps. Hardscapes direct people through a landscape, allow for areas to sit and relax and create transitions from one level to the next. Hardscapes are the workhorses of the landscape and set the stage for interesting plantings and features that surround them.  We do a lot of work with hardscapes.  Patios are one of the more common types we install.

Let’s customize a patio for whatever your primary intentions are for it.  It is hard to find a customer who isn’t absolutely thrilled that they installed a new patio.  Patios are a great investment not only because of the better lifestyle they help to create, but also because they increase the resale value of your home.