Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are great for carving level areas into a sloping area.   You can take a sloping area in a back yard or front yard and turn it into a useful space for relaxing and entertaining.   The wall also stops soil erosion and allows you to divert water into a defined path rather than letting it wash straight down the hill cutting ruts wherever it wants.  These kinds of landscape structures are ideal for waterfront and lakefront properties that have steep slopes leading to the water.  They are also perfect for those homes that are built into hillsides or built near large slopes.

If you live in one of the hilly spots around Rochester, then you may have a spot on your property where you can envision a retaining wall looking great.

The return on investment for retaining walls is excellent because they are permanent structures that really increase the visual appeal of an area.   As long as you properly match the stones, blocks or pavers with the surrounding architecture of the property, you will end up with a beautiful looking addition to your property that will enjoy for many years to come while also increasing your resale value.

The walls can serve a practical purpose of holding back soil and diverting water runoff.  They can also be used to create an outdoor entertainment space by creating a flat surface either above the wall or at the base of the wall.   Some people like to create patios either above or below that give you a really neat place to sit and relax on Adirondack chairs, patio furniture or even a hot tub.

Imagine how much better that sloping hill or sloping yard would look if you had a nice decorative stone retaining wall  carved into it.

retaining wall on sloping hill


Limestone Retaining Wall

retaining wall with fence on top of it installed in Rochester NY

We install stone, block and paver retaining walls of all sizes on steep or gentle sloping properties around greater Rochester, the Finger Lakes area and surrounding counties.