Stone Walls and Natural Stone Fences

As time passes from season to season as evidenced by the death and rebirth of plants, stone offers a comforting permanence to the garden.  We can use natural stone or landscape stone for your fence or retaining wall.   Artfully laid stone has intrinsic beauty that complements nearly all garden styles.

Stone fences are coming back in vogue for good reason.  Acting as vertical elements in the landscape, stone fences create space and a sense of closure around entry courts and terraces.  When used along a property line or surrounding an herb or perennial garden, a sense of place and connection to the past will be felt.

Stone walls in the garden function to retain soil.  Proper footing and drainage is essential in every wall project.  When a more contemporary look or a wall that exceeds 2.5’ in height is required, manufactured wall systems are the best material to use.   Whether natural or manufactured, we have the technical and artistic talent to create the perfect structure for you.

“I wanted something low maintenance.  Jon took a humdrum landscape and worked with me.  He developed it into a unique eye-catching accent to the house.  He took the time to understand the theme I was going for and the underlying emphasis on low maintenance.”

-John Sullivan

Here are some samples of the stone walls and fences we have built around the Rochester NY area:

stone wall along driveway

stone wall in backyard setting

stone retaining wall on sloping hill

Curved Fieldstone wall

Curved steps and stone wall

boulder stone wall in Pittsford NY

contemporary backyard stone walls

country stone work

natural stone wall with fence in Geneseo NY being built

You can really add a nice visual touch to your backyard if you use stone walls to segment the property.   Stone has a way of making your property feel more important, like it is an estate meant to be there for centuries to come.