The Design Process

the landscape design processThe process begins with your e-mail or call into us.

We’ll return calls that night or the next day.

A brief conversation will determine if we can help you..

We’ll schedule a time to meet at your property or project site.

Get a few things ready for our meeting.

House plans

Instrument survey map

Define what your project is and your needs.

Collect  pictures of landscape styles, favorite plants etc..

Consultation Phase

We start, by looking at the actual job site.

We’ll discuss your ideas and the function of the proposed work and how it must perform.

Now it’s time to throw in new ideas and ballpark cost into the mix and fine tune a plan of attack.

Before leaving, additional notes, photos and measurements will be taken.

Design Creation

A book could be written about what happens now, but you can relax the ball is in our court.

Design Presentation

You’ll be presented with a carefully designed plan and accurate project cost estimates.

The plan may be adjusted at this time or need to come back to the office for changes.

When completely satisfied, sign the prepared contracts and get ready for some real excitement.  Now it’s time to schedule so,