Walkways and Steps

Do you have a cracked concrete walkway that has been bothering you?  Brick landscape paving stones make great looking walkways that dress up your home from the outside.  They increase your curb appeal and make your home just a little bit more enjoyable.

We can replace those front steps or rear steps on your home.  We can create a small landing at the base of those steps if you want.  You could add a little landscape lighting to accent those steps or the walkway leading up to them.

Maybe these photos will spark the idea you are looking for.

sloping steps and walkway

stone steps and walk

landscaped walkway

backyard steps

front steps and landing

brick landscape pavers and landscaped walkway

blue stone walk with brick border

Curved Brick Walkway

Flagstone Front Walkway

Stone walkway and plantings

Irregular Flagstone Walkway

clay brick with gravel country walk

country gravel walkway

flagstone path

front walk and steps Pittsford NY

country courtyard walk

We can make your walkways and steps as elegant or as simple as you want them to be.  You can really give your entrance a new look and a new feel simply by replacing an old worn out landing.